PDC-UK donated £5k in response to the recent SOS

One month after Washington and Thomas have been fortunate in their misfortune, we are fortunate with Friends like you! Why? It started with Artis Zoo, Burgers’ Zoo and GaiaZOO.  After our emergency call they donated the engine, chassis and gearbox. Affiliated organizations like PDC UK and private sponsors donated doors, seats, tyres etc.   We have bought the “new” Land Rover still selling our T shirts, cuddle toys and snare art during Eurofurence 23 last Friday in Berlin. Now we are looking for the best (cheapest) way to get the vehicle asap to where it belongs: the project! Indeed there will be some extra costs but “Wir schaffen das”.     In Memoriam: SOCKS – The iconic alpha female of the Nyamandhlovu pack The tragic death of the iconic alpha female of the Nyamandhlovu pack, Socks, has affected us and worse to come was the loss of her entire litter of pups. The unfortunate loss of two generations of dogs is due probably to the nemesis and ancient enemy, hyenas. Socks was tracked and found with torn ears, deep bite marks to her legs and torso, near Caterpillar pan as she was joining the pack in hunting. She had denned near Dopi during the first week of June. The Nyamandhlovu pack lost the whole litter in 2015 and during the 2016 had several pups with fractured limbs as the pack was comprised of only three adult dogs, struggling to feed and defend so many pups. Thembile lost a leg and is doing well at the rehabilitation centre. Browny and Ring and the rest of the pack, eleven painted dogs in the pack are OK and have been seen hunting and trudging on despite the loss of Socks. She had littered 32 pups for her eight years and was the daughter of Vusile and Themba of the Sicele pack. Vusile was tragically killed by a lion. In the spirit of Eyespot, Nat and Socks, the painted dog species are born to persevere against all odds, the only norm is adversities, snares, cars, hyenas, lions, humans, climate change and disease. The pack led by Browny, Alpha male, has moved on, already venturing out of the park towards Malindi. Socks did her part for the species, we will monitor and advise how the pack holds on after Socks.