PDCUK fundraising visits to Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) in 2011

In 2011 the trustees of PDCUK attended 2 fundraising events at YWP. The first in the summer was for the endangered animals in June where the Painted Dog was one of the 5 featured animals and YWP presented a very generous cheque to PDCUK from their dog focussed fund raising activities. It was a glorious weekend and there was a very carnival-like feel in the courtyard. PDCUK had stands inside and out selling artwork made at the Iganyana Art Centre as well as the ever popular Hamuka stuffed toys that PDCUK sells to raise money. Meanwhile Jessica Riederer, the education officer, gave educational talks at the dog enclosure . There was a very lively and active interest in PDCUK. Many new connections were made strengthening our ties to the area. We especially enjoyed  the conversations with lovers of Painted Dogs (long time ones and new converts, old and young). The second visit was for the joint fundraising day held with WVI – SOS for the Painted Dogs held in the October Half term to coincide with Halloween. During the day Dr Greg Rasmussen, founder of Painted Dog Conservation, who was visiting from Zimbabwe gave a well received educational talk at the dog enclosure. The PDCUK trustees had a stall inside the education centre with awareness material and the sale of artwork. It was a pleasure to meet some Painted Dog supporters revisiting the park and to catch up with them.  The team at  YWP had also organised an evening opening with silent fireworks and the local brass band and a soloist. Memorably after the glorious daytime weather, there was a loud bang as the fireworks started – sadly it was thunder – the most incredible storm rolled over dampening the end of a great day in more ways than one! When the trustees returned the next day to pack up the stand we had time to walk around and visit the excellent enclosures the park has made in the last 15 months especially the Tiger enclosure.

Nov 24th 2011 – Changaware Project Christmas Bazaar, London

Following an initial meeting with the Director of Changaware Trust at a BA Charities Fair, PDC UK has been invited to take part in their annual Christmas Craft Fair for the last three years. The 2011 fair was held in St Matthews Church, London SW6 on 24th November. PDC UK were grateful for the opportunity to raise further awareness and provide unique snare wire and beaded work Christmas presents for visitors.