Schools Partnership

PDC – A Challenge To UK Schools

Painted Dog Conservation UK (PDC UK) is asking for the help and support of individual UK schools to gain £1,200 sponsorship each year to support one local African school’s visit to the PDC Educational Bush Camp in Hwange, Zimbabwe.

In future years, once the political situation has stabilised, it is hoped to offer all donor schools the opportunity to visit the PDC project and experience for themselves the wonders of the African bush and the vital work of PDC both at the Educational Bush Camp and in Hwange National Park.

The proposal below offers a unique suggestion as to how pupils could form a mutually beneficial relationship with local schools visiting PDC’s Bush Camp.

  • Each year, one year group adopts the Painted Dog Conservation project in Zimbabwe. Their goal would be to raise £1,200 during that year by whatever means they wish!
  • There are very many different ways in which pupils can become involved each year, most of which would fulfil some curricular requirement or even cross-curricular:
    1. Science: Find out about a highly endangered species. Learn about its habitat, the threats facing it, their daily lives, the conservation measures employed to try and save it.
    2. Art: Attempt to produce wire sculptures or beaded work as per the Arts Centre and then set up a stall to raise funds for PDC.
    3. Drama: Based on the campfire plays at the PDC Bush Camp, write a play enacting the life of a pack of dogs or villagers and invite parents.
    4. Design: One year group could produce simple games (such as snakes and ladders) that could be sent out to Zimbabwe for use by children in the Bush Camp.
    5. Citizenship: Set up a project (using video film if possible) contrasting lifestyles and education of a UK school child with one from the Bush Camp.
    6. English: Write an illustrated book about UK wildlife to send to the Zimbabwean children who might then produce one on African wildlife in return. Alternatively, write poems, songs, computer games.
    7. Public Speaking: Each year group could do their own presentation, based on their own research to deliver to other year groups or parents.
    8. Geography: Find out about Zimbabwe, where it is, its history, its crops and its political situation.
  • Full support could be given to each year group by members of PDC UK, acting as mentors.

Additional support

  • PDC UK can provide speakers to interested UK schools to inform pupils on the work of Painted Dog Conservation in return for fundraising activity.
  • PDC UK can provide educational materials such as the Eye Spot story below. This is the basis for quizzes and further study and such materials can be provided on application to PDC UK. Please contact us.