Winners at IMS Charity Ping Pong Tournament

Painted Dogs are the winners at IMS Charity Ping Pong Tournament PDC UK is absolutely delighted to welcome IMS (Income Made Smart) as a new corporate partner.  IMS specialises in providing accounting and tax services to contractors, freelancers and start-up businesses. It also covers specialist employment tax services to any business, including to other accountants and all areas of personal tax. We are very grateful to the company for its on-going help in many areas, but starting with a novel fundraising idea, held in February, and incorporating their first annual IMS Ping Pong tournament for clients and colleagues, with PDC UK as the beneficiary. On the evening, IMS staff  were joined by friends and colleagues at Bounce, a lively new all-in-one ping pong venue, bar and restaurant in Holborn. After a few refreshments, and some amusing warm-up sessions, guests were divided into doubles pairs and commenced 90 minutes of intense competition, and not a few laughs. Although a novel experience for some, a few guests had arrived prepared and determined to take home the Veuve Clicquot NV top prize. The final was an intense Borg/McEnroe type affair.  During the games, the IMS team educated spectators on PDC and took donations for entrance into the charity draw. £494 was collected in all and IMS then matched that figure and rounded up the total to £1000 which was donated to PDC UK.. The reward for PDC The £1000.00 will cover: the salaries of an 8 man anti-poaching unit for a month 2 essential field worker kits (boots, overalls, sleeping bag, jersey, hat & ruck sack) and a 4 day Bush Camp visit for two local children. Moth, a male Painted Dog, benefits from six helping hands PDC UK is extremely grateful to IMS for their very generous support.

30th May – ‘THE PAINTED DOG’ at Pinder Hall, Cookham

YOU ARE INVITED TO A PRESENTATION ON ONE OF AFRICA'S RAREST CANINES 'The Painted Dog' At Pinder Hall, Lower Road, Cookham on Thursday 30th May 2013 At 7.30Pm Also, an opportunity to buy unique snare art, beaded & wooden animal handicrafts. ADMISSION FREE                          You can learn about how this highly endangered unique species survives and Painted Dog Conservation supports education and outreach activities that create a holistic and flagship approach to conservation. There is also a great chance to buy unique  artwork from the Iganyama  Art Centre in Zimbabwe.