PDC UK’s Derek Fry visits Plexus

Plexus Media Ltd, based in Cromarty in the Highlands of Scotland, has been supporting Painted Dog Conservation in Africa since the early 2,000s, when Colin, the firm’s designer,  saw Tico McNutt’s ‘Newky – A Wild Dog’s Story’ documentary on TV, and decided to see what he could do to help the species survival.

Plexus have been helping Painted Dog Conservation UK’s fundraising and conservation efforts for more than 10 years through hosting and managing their website. They recently completely this site using WordPress to help PDC UK better promote their efforts, and to help users by improving usability and accessibility.

Today Plexus were visited by Derek Fry and his partner Sarah, who have been holidaying in the Cromarty, Black Isle and Nairnshire area, and dropped in to say thanks, have a natter and coffee. They kindly dropped off this fine wee piece of wire sculpture as a souvenir for Plexus.

Derek Fry with Colin Dunn, Cromarty Sutors in the background
Plexus Media office, Cromarty