Stichting (Holland) recent ‘Road Show’.

Stichting (Holland) Roadshow Roadshow Peter Blinston, Executive Director of PDC, was our guest 1-6 February for the Continental Europe roadshow. 1288 km by road, 1224 km by airplane, 18 meetings, 1 sponsor diner with 34 guests and 10 protective collars donated, 3 zoos, 2 universities and 2 interviews for magazines. A madhouse? Indeed, but this unique project deserves all efforts made by YOU to keep not only the project running but the dogs as well! Social practice: a unique opportunity Student Else of “De Vrije School Den Haag” undertakes social practice at the Painted Dog Conservation project. Let me inform you about the aims of the social practice. The intention is to let our students gain some experience in looking after people. These students are seventeen years old and are going through the last phase of puberty. At the beginning of this period the young adolescents are mainly occupied with themselves and their own problems. They are discovering their inner selves. At the present point in their development, the young students are getting more interested in the lives of people around them. This is the reason why we enable our students to participate in the social practice. Field notes “And then they appeared. The sound of a beeping signal jolted Jealous from his concentrated mind and then a big smile, for those who have met him, you know what I am talking about. Nyamandlovu pack was in close proximity.  The bush is thick, dumb and with four dogs collared in this pack only an expert like Jealous can tell the distances. The dogs rested well last night and went for a hunt early morning, determined as ever and with nine, almost yearlings to feed, it was imperative that a Kudu is taken down. They did and the feast was quick.” Research Stanford University and PDC Announce the de novo Assembly of the African Wild Dog Genome. Dr. Ryan Taylor (Stanford University Program for Conservation Genomics and the CEO of End2End Genomics), who led the team assembling the wild dog genome, said that “The 10x Genomics Chromium system and SuperNova assembler have produced assemblies with continuity well beyond our expectations, which will allow us to perform in depth genetic analyses. This shows that 10x Genomics methodology is a game changer for de novo sequencing of large mammalian genomes at very low cost.”